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Beatrice Barberis

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About Me

I create photos, videos, graphics, and texts

to capture the authenticity of

inner expression, to create memories,

content for companies and cinema.

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Work Experience

since 2002

since 2002

since 2005

since 2007

since 2006

As a Photographer, I shoot and exhibit landscapes, architecture, patterns, archeology, portraits, commercials, reportages, reflections, and light blades.

As a Filmmaker, I have worked in many feature films, documentaries and more as a videomaker, editor, cinematographer, assistant and other roles.

As a Designer, I take care of the graphics, programming and layout of websites, e-commerce, logos, newsletters, books, posters, merchandising, etc.

As a Translator, I like learning languages, even ancient ones, and translating them as a job; grammar is almost sacred and accuracy is essential.

I started in high school as a moderator of the school forum, now I manage several social media pages and their marketing.

I write travel and historical-archaeological articles; I also deal with copywriting, content writing for websites and storytelling for companies.


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“Very professional!!!
Thanks so much!”