Ancient Tales
of Archaeology and Art

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A wide part of my work is dedicated to archaeology. The artifacts recovered from the earth are silent witnesses to the everyday stories of those who created, used, lost, or destroyed them, sometimes in very distant places. The attempt to grasp and preserve life in its instant fragility, handed down through history, connects the archaeological research with the camera, accompanying it with curiosity and respect, ready to capture its wonder and humanity, immortalized in stills and filmic image, introducing the viewer on tiptoe in this delicate human relationship, trying to arouse emotions, lead to reflect, raise awareness.

There is such peace and continuity in walking through ancient cities and monuments⁠. The jaw-dropping remains of halls and streets are sometimes so wide and tall that they cannot be contained either by eyes or camera, or so well preserved that its millennia seem only a faded dream, whose voices whisper through the wind that the past is not dead with all those who have inhabited it, but lives in the hearts and blood of those who still walk this land.⁠ 

Even ancient faces still tell tales after centuries or millennia. The statues, molded in stone, crystallize ideas, myths, and feelings of men far away in time, which can still be perceived in their broken gestures and poses.