INFORMAZIONI | Beatrice Barberis filmmaker photographer | Roma

​© 2017-19 Beatrice Barberis

filmmaker photographer

fotografo e videomaker a Roma

per aziende, ritratti, collaborazioni

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This is me

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Since I was a child, I have been loving to observe. I would watch other children running, playing, expressing themselves. Somehow I didn’t feel as I was part of them, but I enjoyed catching their essence through gazing.

I am now grown up, but I look at the world in the same way, distant yet curious.

My way of expressing has though changed: a camera, a faithful eye on an enchanted world. Since 2009 I have been creating photos and videos to capture the authenticity of inner expression, both creating memories and brand contents, some of which very renown. When you try to know someone so deeply, you learn to love them for what they are, and to wish everyone could discover their uniqueness.

I still find relief in distances, in the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes, and in travels, that are the other constant in my life.

I love to always learn something new, you can never know where your passions will bring.

I am interested in conscious business, graphic design, translations, archaeology, trading and so much more. I help companies showcase themselves in a better way.

Whatever life will bring in the future, it will be filled with light.


What is your unique story you want to share with the world? Let’s tell it together!

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